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As Professional Coaches, we specialize at leading, mediating and facilitating Accountability, Action and Results with all leaders, in workplaces, across the US . 

Without ACTION you are not effectively coaching.

We help organizations develop a coaching, action-based culture leading to greater productivity and positive morale. Our team works with leaders and employees who are open to exploring communication breakthroughs by implementing action-based accountability and follow up within their organization to achieve the results they want through assessments, coaching, training, facilitating and consulting.


Cultural Alignment Solutions is skilled at bringing about awareness, surfacing  the interpretations and shattering the communication blocks that stand in the way of your goals. Our work unlocks resistance and leads to buy-in for Breakthrough Conversations, resulting in greater performance. 

 Action Based Leaders™ is our interactive program consisting of live and  webinar options.  The complete one year action-based modules include:

  1. Leadership Self-Awareness

    • Achieving your Leadership Potential. One Day at a Time​

  2. Leadership Team Development

    • Behavior: Understanding How and Why it affects the Workplace​

  3. Conflict

    • To Address Conflict or not? What is the difference?​

  4. Coaching

    • Building an Action-Based Coaching Culture​

Getting there is a process and a discipline for your organization, from current state to positive energy. How would your team’s participation, with buy-in and engagement help you lead in the future?  Imagine mediocre replaced with ACTION, DECISIVENESS, and HEALTHY CONFLICT.

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