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What Clients are Saying

  • When selecting a coach/trainer for my team I had a few non-negotiables.  Above all, they had to be skilled in their proficiency, hold the certifications to support their expert credentials and willing to be “blunt” and cut to the truth of what was blocking our organizational growth as a team. 


  •  When I saw Debbie train at a class I was attending, I knew immediately she was the one I wanted for me and my team.  Since hiring her I have seen my team expand in their willingness to grow and develop which ultimately grows our company. 


  • Debbie and Evie, continue to work with our team.   We we will continue to integrate their skills even deeper with more of our core leaders.  We are pleased with the results and their ability to engage fully. 


  • The expertise of her team brings us the tools we need to grow.  Above all, Debbie and her coaching staff helps to remind us that “WHO we are and HOW we lead is WHY we get the results we have”.  Having this awareness had changed how we develop, lead and communicate with our teams.

  • Masterful, Skillful... What I witnessed from your experience, I never thought I would see during my tenure at this facility...  Thank you

  • Fearless, she stepped in and opened our conversations... When we left we didn't just "feel" heard, we WERE heard an valued...

  • Uncovering the covers... I never realized what was under there.  I now understand what she means by: - "Who You Are... IS How You Lead"... I'm getting it Debbie...

  • She is a "no Bull$%!+ pro...

  • …Our organization has worked with Cultural Alignment for almost 5 years and I can definitely say we are a stronger organization because of her expertise in identifying gaps of communication and expectations.

    • Specifically:

      • Debbie has helped leadership identify areas of improvement as well as solutions to bridge the gaps.   

      • Debbie has also helped us identify our mission and core values so that we have purpose in our business and can hold ourselves and our team accountable to something consistently.

      • Debbie has taught us how to communicate with each other using the DISC assessments, in addition to proving the importance of recognizing and leveraging the unique talents of our team.

      • Debbie has helped us implement a tool to keep everyone true to our purpose.  The success reviews demonstrate a way to weave our purpose into conversations quarterly, as well as get constant feedback from our team members.

      • Debbie has become a true mentor and has helped provide personal awareness that continues to help me develop as a leader, wife and mother.                          Katie –  Senior Partner MedBest Recruiting

  • Gaps?  They have felt like gorges!!  Covered in greenery…. so you are in them before you realize it!  I think of it this way.  When Skip and I are in Yellowstone, we only hike the back country.  Less than 1% of all the people that visit there ever go into the back country, it’s not easy, the paths are not always clear and not to mention the wild animals that live there.  Before we head out, we go to the ranger’s station with our map, tell them what area we want to explore that day and have them give us that days assessment of the area and the wildlife activity…the gaps so to speak.  As I think of that, I think of this…having those gaps brought to our attention, keeps us safe and provides us with knowledge to make better choices in the direction we go, or if we go there at all.  In other words; lifesaving.   So thank you Ranger Debbie!        ​Pam and Skip, BASI Solutions Athens, GA

  • Colleagues of mine have been using Cultural Alignment Solutions and suggested that I do the same.  I have had it as a personal goal to reach out and seek development opportunities so the advice couldn’t have provided a better opportunity for me.  I was paired with Evie DiPazza for our initial session and was provided specific direction that I needed to ensure and believe Evie was the right coach for me.  Indeed she was and has been for over 2 months now.  The initial stages of coaching requires assessments to be taken that really help you figure out who you are as a person and what your coach can do for you to help guide you to the goals that you provide to them from Day 1.  The most important piece to successful coaching is knowing that your coach isn’t trying to fix you simply because you aren’t broken.  They are there to help you understand your opportunities and maximize your strengths.  From the very first session Evie has done that for me.  As many people do, my calendar is filled with appointments and meetings some of which are not my favorite to attend, but my attendance is required.   When I see a coaching session on my calendar I am extremely excited for my next opportunity to seek out fresh perspective from Evie on recent encounters and situations that I have dealt with and discuss with her how her techniques and thoughts have guided me to better outcomes overall.   I truly feel that my personal power and growth have strengthened and my self- awareness is stronger than ever.   My career path looks brighter having Evie as my executive coach and I would recommend Evie and Cultural Alignment Solutions to anyone looking to better themselves personally and/or professionally.   Ryan Pilkington VP Strategic Operations RMH Franchise Holdings, Applebees

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