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Leadership Development Coaching

Positive, powerful, influential leaders embrace action and accountability.  Coaching facilitates leaders to BE ideal leaders for life because the participant can focus on their core strengths and capabilities to maximize their effectiveness, as well as identifying any "blind spots", gaps or challenges and see those items as opportunities for growth and expansion of their skills and aware


  • Individualized Directional Coaching

  • Group Coaching -cost effective solid results

  • Directional Coaching Programs

Coaching Defined

What is Professional Coaching? 

Professional coaching is a unique relationship between a professional coach and their client.  Coaching is completely confidential, even the mere fact that you came to a coach is confidential. As Core Energy Coaches, Cultural Alignments Solutions Coaches are able to bring out your POTENTIAL, as a person, a couple, a team, or a workplace.  This process is done by connecting the inner purpose and passion to your goals and strategies to bring about the results you are most wanting to achieve. Coaching is all about you!

As the client, you choose what to discuss and when to discuss. Coaches are responsible for helping you breakthrough the things that are holding you back and keeping you from success.  Through the coaching process accountability brings about sustainable change and true shift in the client.

What is One on One Coaching? 

Simply that.  A coach and client speaking one on one.  We specialize in Executive, Leadership and Development Coaching.  This is when a person works individually with one of our experienced and certified coaches on their particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill their potential. It is a focused, confidential approach for enhanced performance of the individual and the teams they lead.

What is Team Coaching? 

Often requested for teams looking to improve effectiveness and business performance. Intended to be proactive for overall interactions and results.  When teams are cohesive and aligned for the overall success of the organization, they outperform and reduce silo mentality. Our process helps teams to learn, develop and perform to their best.

What is a Coaching Gym? 

A coaching gym is generally conducted via video or in person.  One topic has been decided upon for the discussion. The coach is the group leader and keeps the group in conversation around the topic. Brainstorming, breaking through blocks, discussing assumptions and moving the group forward is the goal.  Often times companies will host coaching gyms to bring solution to something that has been holding them back for a long time! The session ends with a plan and complete buy in. (Groups are generally 12 people or less)

What is a Group Coaching? 

Group coaching is very much like a gym except that Group Coaching is done with a learning material such as a book or concept a company is wanting to expand or potentially increase a skill,  into their culture. The coach is the leader of the group and is responsible to bring powerful questions out of the resource material for the group to discuss. The coach uses all their skills to assure buy in and individual growth of each member of the group.  This is a group experience and all members are active participants.

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