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Breakthrough Facilitation

Transforming Work Environments:  
I work with frustrated leaders that are curious about growing, intrigued about changing and WANT Help!  They are in too deep and on the verge of being “sucked under.”  They feel their organizations are becoming a “holding tank” for disengagement.  My services are not consulting!  

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There are three crucial differences between our approach compared to traditional consulting:

  • While we share our knowledge, experiences and processes, we do not tell our clients what to do, this is based from our core belief that no one knows their organization and what’s best for it better than you.

  • We take a very holistic, collaborative approach that includes the “people” component of your organization by ensuring they are aligned and optimized for success as both individuals and a team in implementing your important strategies and plans.

  • In addition to helping you chart a path to success, we are committed to your success and will stick around to do our part in making sure it actually happens.

At Cultural Alignment Solutions we use a thought-provoking, and highly creative guided facilitation approach to help our clients challenge their conventional, status quo ways of thinking and doing things so they can break through to the improved results they want and are capable of achieving.

At the core the leaders I work with want their cultures to thrive, they want record-breaking success and they want to make a difference. They are committed and have the courage to do whatever it takes to transform their current work environment.

Breakthrough Facilitation
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